Friday, December 20, 2019

Secret Santicore 2019

 An Entry For Secret Santicorn 2019! Merry Santicore, Quietude!
Did my best with a genre I am not super interested in. Hope this sparks some interesting ideas for you. :) .

The cold expanse of space.
The hard exterior of a ship.
The mystery inside.

Generating a Ruined Ship:

Ship Structure:
  1. Small. About 5 rooms, with claustrophobic walkways between them.
  2. Medium. 8-10 rooms, with some advanced subsystems
  3. Large. 10-18 rooms with some huge rooms.
  4. Gargantuan. This ship has more than 20 rooms and has multiple groups. Roll twice on “What Killed Them?”

Who Died Here?
  1. Android soldiers
  2. Imperial shock troops
  3. Scrappers
  4. Traders
  5. Imperial Peace Envoy
  6. Rebel Squad

What Killed Them?
  1. A solitary xenomorph, waiting until the right moment
  2. An infestation of worms that crawl through skin
  3. Parasitic bacteria that rots the brain molded the crew into one flesh
  4. Giant Mosquitos, sacs swollen with rotten blood
  5. Beings with long necks and no eyes
  6. A baby sky-shark, unaware of its strength
  7. Stealthy scrappers who set traps all over
  8. The enslaved braindogs that escaped after an outage
  9. A fungal infection which reanimates the dead turned the living crew into mindless zombies
  10. A lone assassin whose ship was destroyed has been here for years.

  1. Ship is flooded with toxic sewage after waste system malfunctioned. Will the players have to find a different way to explore it?
  2. A stray wormhole accidentally vaporized half the ship, expect a vacuum. Does the missing space open up any interesting scenarios?
  3. The ship’s heating system has gone awry, it’s melting at the seams and unbearably hot. Could the high heat make exploration difficult?
  4. A Great Tortoise is using the ship as his shell. How does the Tortoise feel about the commotion?
  5. Ghosts roam the halls of the ship. Were they the previous crew, or a different group?
  6. Refugees of a far-off war survived and are still on the ship. How do they react to the players?
  7. A rare but powerful animal specimen was being transported. Does it roam the halls of the ship?
  8. A secondary crew is in cryostorage, but they have not been activated yet. Would they help or hurt the players?

Interesting Ship Subsystems

  1. On site cloning bay
  2. Life support system that can circulate any element, not just oxygen
  3. Self-Destruct system
  4. Sprinkler system that sprays high pressure jets of water.
  5. Holodeck chamber used for crew training.
  6. Automated Drone Control System

Cool Stuff for Players to Take
  1. Short Range Teleporters (Limited Use)
  2. High-Powered Scanners (prototypes, malfunction sometimes)
  3. Laser Swords (require external power)
  4. Cyborg Dogs (Fluffy, loyal, stupid, and a bit sad)
  5. Sonic Grenades (No ear protection provided)
  6. High-Velocity Troop Transporters (human cannons)
  7. Experimental Quick-Acting Mutagen (roid rage)
  8. Multidirectional Jetpacks (Low Fuel)

Friday, November 22, 2019

GLOG Class: Really Dexterous Monkey

Starting Equipment: Three knives, Stored Poop. Knife Carrying Case.

Starting Skill: 1. Flinging 2. Fileting 3. Fishing 4. Flogging

Start with +1 Dexterity and a movement of 8.

A: Monkey, Wielder

B: Mastery of The First Knife

C: Mastery of The Second Knife

D: Mastery of the Third Knife

MONKEY: You are a monkey. Most likely, you are annoying. You're about a foot tall. For some reason you have human-level intelligence. You can't speak like humans can, but you can make noises and gesture. You have three fancy knives, and once a day you can fling your poop at someone or something. On a successful hit, they're blinded.

WIELDER: You have been chosen at complete random to safeguard and protect these three knives. They each have a small yellow hilt, and are numbered by a small imprint on the blade. One day you woke up and they were attached to you in a small carrying case that was slung across your body. You knew what their purpose was deep inside yourself. They deal 1d4 damage with no skill. You can draw the blood of one of your companions to bond them to a knife. You can communicate telepathically over 20 feet with a bonded companion as long as you or they are holding their knife, The knives cannot be destroyed unless you die.

MASTERY OF THE FIRST KNIFE: The first knife represents how humans have lost contact with nature. It is traditionally gripped by the handle in the right hand. When you make an attack with this knife, on hit, you can turn an exposed limb of your target into wood for 1d4 hours. A wooden limb is immobilized. Once per day you can turn any object into wood by striking it with this knife.

MASTERY OF THE SECOND KNIFE: The first knife represents the beast in all of us. Traditionally it is held in the mouth. Using this knife allows you to make an attack that on hit, deals 1d6+4 damage. Once a day, you can call on the power of the knife to communicate telepathically over 100 feet with a beast (humans are beasts)

MASTERY OF THE THIRD KNIFE: The third knife represents the power of revolution. It is traditionally gripped by the blade in the left hand. When you make an attack with this knife, the target must make a save against joining your cause. This effect only works on beasts (humans are not beasts)

concept: d&d but you play in a busy space and ask random people for a number between 1-20 instead of rolling

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Here is my first GLOG class.. I assume you know what that is if you're reading this. It's a Possum. Dedicated to DishwasherPossum.

Class: Really “Dead” Possum

Starting Equipment: The fur between your ears and the tiny rat bones in your bowels.

Starting Skill: d4 1= Vengeful Possum 2= Turn-tail Possum 3=Cute Possum 4= Scullery Possum

Start with +1 Stealth and a movement of 8.

A: Possum, Play Dead 2-in-6 chance of Play Dead success

B: Cough Up, Long Tail 3-in-6 chance of Play Dead success

C: ”Dead” All Along, Bone Sense 4-in-6 chance of Play Dead success

D: Foaming at The Mouth, Impossumible Alliance, +1 Stealth

Possum: You are a possum (technically an o-possum, but whatever).

You can’t operate complex machinery, drive a horse, or carry much at all. You are about the size of a house-cat, and arguably as cute as one. You DO have opposable thumbs, so if it was small enough, you could use a gun. You can’t speak any languages except Possum. You can understand the gist of what humanoids are saying, though. You’re the smartest possum of the litter.

Play Dead: Whenever you are reduced to 50% of your HP or if you are threatened by another creature or creature-like thing, you involuntarily play dead, mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. Yes, your anal glands secrete a smelly fluid to aid the illusion. At first level, this ability has a 2-in-6 chance of working successfully and repelling creatures or animals. Increases at higher levels.

Cough Up: You eat all kinds of things and sometimes you forget what. Maybe there’s something useful down there? Roll 1d8 and cough it up. 1/long rest or lunch

1. A piece of rib that makes a perfect sword for your grubby little hands. 1d4 damage , roll again and add on a roll of 4. Breaks after 3 uses.

2. A few coins. How did those get in there? 1d4 sp.

3. A small poop pellet. Yuck. Throw it at an enemy (Dex check) and you’ll stun them for a round or stop them from performing an action. Most enemies don’t want to touch it.

4. A six-sided die. Weird. Roll it and use it in place of any roll in the next 5 minutes.

5. A ball of string (outer layers slightly soggy) - [contribution from Thriftomancer]

6. A key to a locked door, somewhere - [contribution from Mother/Micaholism]

7. Another, smaller, possum - perfectly unharmed [contribution from Lexi]

8. A (human?) finger - somehow it’s crawling around

Long Tail: You have a long tail. You’ve always had a long tail but you were still getting used to it.Now you can use it to hold objects, hang on to things, or gesture accusatorially. Advantage on hanging on to things, climbing trees, and swinging. Useful as a tool for tickling.

“Dead” All Along:
Once per lifetime, at least a round after you died up to 10 minutes later, you may say that you were playing dead all along and spring into action at 1 hp with all wounds having no negative effect on your ability to walk, run, or climb. The effects of your wounds will become a problem in 10 minutes.

Bone Sense: After eating the bones of an animal, you can smell the traces of its memory in your stomach. If the animal saw anything out of the ordinary before it died, you can get a rough idea of what it was.

Foaming at the Mouth: You can attempt a bite attack with +2 to hit and dealing 1d6+STR slashing damage. On a hit, the target must Save vs. Thinking They Have Rabies. 3/day


Impossumible Alliance!: Once per adventure, your unbearable grubby-cuteness will allow you to befriend a single hostile character. It will do anything short of killing itself or its friends to help you. The character cannot be a major villain, but a squad leader of the orcish army? Sure! Somehow they were secretly charmed by your graceful beauty and elegance.

Secret Santicore 2019

 An Entry For Secret Santicorn 2019! Merry Santicore, Quietude! Did my best with a genre I am not super interested in. Hope this sparks...