Friday, December 20, 2019

Secret Santicore 2019

 An Entry For Secret Santicorn 2019! Merry Santicore, Quietude!
Did my best with a genre I am not super interested in. Hope this sparks some interesting ideas for you. :) .

The cold expanse of space.
The hard exterior of a ship.
The mystery inside.

Generating a Ruined Ship:

Ship Structure:
  1. Small. About 5 rooms, with claustrophobic walkways between them.
  2. Medium. 8-10 rooms, with some advanced subsystems
  3. Large. 10-18 rooms with some huge rooms.
  4. Gargantuan. This ship has more than 20 rooms and has multiple groups. Roll twice on “What Killed Them?”

Who Died Here?
  1. Android soldiers
  2. Imperial shock troops
  3. Scrappers
  4. Traders
  5. Imperial Peace Envoy
  6. Rebel Squad

What Killed Them?
  1. A solitary xenomorph, waiting until the right moment
  2. An infestation of worms that crawl through skin
  3. Parasitic bacteria that rots the brain molded the crew into one flesh
  4. Giant Mosquitos, sacs swollen with rotten blood
  5. Beings with long necks and no eyes
  6. A baby sky-shark, unaware of its strength
  7. Stealthy scrappers who set traps all over
  8. The enslaved braindogs that escaped after an outage
  9. A fungal infection which reanimates the dead turned the living crew into mindless zombies
  10. A lone assassin whose ship was destroyed has been here for years.

  1. Ship is flooded with toxic sewage after waste system malfunctioned. Will the players have to find a different way to explore it?
  2. A stray wormhole accidentally vaporized half the ship, expect a vacuum. Does the missing space open up any interesting scenarios?
  3. The ship’s heating system has gone awry, it’s melting at the seams and unbearably hot. Could the high heat make exploration difficult?
  4. A Great Tortoise is using the ship as his shell. How does the Tortoise feel about the commotion?
  5. Ghosts roam the halls of the ship. Were they the previous crew, or a different group?
  6. Refugees of a far-off war survived and are still on the ship. How do they react to the players?
  7. A rare but powerful animal specimen was being transported. Does it roam the halls of the ship?
  8. A secondary crew is in cryostorage, but they have not been activated yet. Would they help or hurt the players?

Interesting Ship Subsystems

  1. On site cloning bay
  2. Life support system that can circulate any element, not just oxygen
  3. Self-Destruct system
  4. Sprinkler system that sprays high pressure jets of water.
  5. Holodeck chamber used for crew training.
  6. Automated Drone Control System

Cool Stuff for Players to Take
  1. Short Range Teleporters (Limited Use)
  2. High-Powered Scanners (prototypes, malfunction sometimes)
  3. Laser Swords (require external power)
  4. Cyborg Dogs (Fluffy, loyal, stupid, and a bit sad)
  5. Sonic Grenades (No ear protection provided)
  6. High-Velocity Troop Transporters (human cannons)
  7. Experimental Quick-Acting Mutagen (roid rage)
  8. Multidirectional Jetpacks (Low Fuel)

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Secret Santicore 2019

 An Entry For Secret Santicorn 2019! Merry Santicore, Quietude! Did my best with a genre I am not super interested in. Hope this sparks...